Sub-titling - the process:   A master programme is created with sub-titles in the chosen language whilst you hear the original language in the soundtrack.    This is the preferred option for certain nationalities.  We can advise which is commonly most appropriate for your chosen audience.

The process of editing sub-titles is relatively complex and our experience has shown that the close relationship between translator and video editor is important.  Creating the right pace and readability requires a careful balance.   We will guide you through the process whether you already have a translated script or if you as to manage the whole project from script to screen.

Corporate video subtitles service

Case Study:  This is a programme Green Field originally shot and produced in Nicaragua for Dunhill.  Produced originally in English and then translated and dubbed in French and Spanish.  For other audiences we created sub-titled versions.  This was the client's preference for Russia and Italy.  You can see the dubbed version here.